Tutorial (ARM - New)

The recently added tutorials are available in IPython Notebook below. These are based on Azure Resource Manager mode (ARM).

Tutorial (classic mode)

The tutorial in this page assists you in learning how to use Simple Azure on Python. In this tutorial, we creates Windows Azure Virtual Machines for Azure Data Science Core and BioLinux with IPython. It shows usage in pre-configured environments but it explains main features that you need to know. For more detail of function APIs, module descriptions might be helpful. There are several tools and libraries that we have used such as StarCluster, IPython, azure-sdk-for-python, Bioblend, etc.

You can also have an interactive python tutorial via IPython Notebook to learn Simple Azure.

Tutorial by IPython Notebook

IPython Notebook Viewer supports sharing and viewing ipython notebook files. Simple Azure’s tutorial can be viewed through the ipynb viewer.

Galaxy workflow toolkit

Galaxy project provides a web-based platform and a python library for scientific research. Here, the tutorials below introduce use cases of Galaxy on IPython Notebook.