Configuration (classic mode)

Simple Azure uses the default directory for the azure-cli tool, $HOME/.azure. It contains the config.json which includes an endpoint and a subscription of Windows Azure.

SSH Keys

.ssh directory contains certificates and thumbprints (fingerprints) of key pairs on the default directory $HOME/.azure.

pfx certificate

Personal Information Exchange (pfx) certificate is required to the Cloud (hosted) service.

openssl supports to convert your public and private keys to a pfx certificate.

private key files

For example, myPrivateKey.key which is a rsa 2048 private key is used to get access to virtual machines using SSH.

Cluster configuration

Simple Azure supports cluster computing and personal profiles enable individual settings when you launch clusters. The default directory for cluster conf file is cluster under the $HOME/.azure default directory.

Cluster profile

For example, mycluster has information in a yaml format in the cluster directory.

master: myvm-81fd6840ae
engines: [myvm-4406510ce8,myvm-7103520de1,myvm-5103520de4,myvm-5104120de1]
pkey: /home/azureuser/.azure/.ssh/myPrivateKey.key
num: 5