Simple Azure Installation is available via github, Pypi and docker image.


Python 3.0+ is not supported.

Docker Installation

Simple Azure is available in a Docker image to run.

  • With IPython Notebook:
docker run -d -p 8888:8888 lee212/simpleazure_with_ipython

Open a browser with the port number 8888.

  • Simple Azure only:
docker run -i -t lee212/simpleazure

Python Pypi Installation

pip install simpleazure

Github Installation

git clone
cd simpleazure
pip install -r requirements.txt
python install

Virtualenv and virtualenvwrapper

Virtualenv enables project-based development for python and virtualenvwrapper provides simple commands to switch different python environments. It is not required to install but would be useful when you need a user space installation without super-user privilege.

Pypi with virtualenv

$ mkvirtualenv simpleazure
(simpleazure)$ pip install simpleazure

pypi - system wide installation with sudo

$ sudo pip install simpleazure

pypi on Windows

On Windows, easy_install help install Simple Azure. file do an installation of easy_install.


Once you have easy_install, you can install simple azure:

> easy_install pip
> pip install simpleazure